About Us

The development of successful grant proposals has become more difficult in recent years due to increased competition for ever tightening funding lines. It is no longer sufficient to just have a good or even a great idea. A skilled presentation is critical for surviving very stringent review processes that often vary between agencies and organizations.

We work with academic institutions and other organizations in the development of successful grant proposals and strong models for grants management. Our extensive experience in leading funded efforts can be leveraged in the training of faculty, staff and students in the art of grant writing and other areas of professional development. We also provide extensive program and institutional evaluation support, design and execution of institutional self studies, strategic planning for institutions and programs, as well as other services aimed at building research and grant-writing capacity and infrastructure unique to the institution’s education/research mission.

While our experience can be leveraged in numerous areas, our focus for over a decade has been the development of targeted funding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student research training; faculty development; STEM teacher preparation; STEM education, research funding, as well as career development with an emphasis on the building and diversification of the scientific workforce.

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