Evaluation and Assessment

Because evaluation is integral to the overall success of a project, DePass Academic Consulting prefers to begin working with clients during the grant-writing phase: providing basic consulting services in the development of measurable aims; reviewing the proposal for grantsmanship quality prior to submission; and writing the project’s evaluation plan based on the aims of the proposal. If a client has greater needs, DePass Academic Consulting can assist in writing the proposal.

A typical evaluation plan from DePass Academic Consulting will incorporate:

  • site visits to each participating institution where interviews and focus groups will be conducted with the program administrative teams, participating and non-participating students, participating and non participating faculty, institutional administrators, and relevant instructional staff.
  • surveys administered to the administrative team as well as participating students and other stakeholders (mentors, etc.). These surveys, in addition to application and recruitment information, will allow the evaluation team to glean the efficiency of recruitment strategies, professional satisfaction, and outlook.
  • surveys to the broader institutional community as to the perception of the program as a viable agent for institutional transformation.
  • a plan for longer term follow-up with participants post-program completion.

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